Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Rising Stars October 2022 Update

Paul Savramis
October was a very busy month for Rising Stars as they began their fall and winter seasons with a flurry of events that have become a fall tradition for the foundation. 
Rising Stars founder Paul Savramis was enthusiastic in describing this month's events as they all signaled a great start to the season. 
First up was the Rising Stars 2022 12th annual golf outing at the Cherry Valley Golf Club on October 11th. "This event is one we always look forward to," said Paul Savramis. "Kudos to our operational manager Tom Hughes and our Executive director Dan Gimpel for putting this together again. Without their hard work and dedication, we could not host any of the events we do each year. 

Paul Savramis was especially happy with this year as he and Mr. Gimpel welcomed back generations of Rising Stars families to the event. Many former alumni and their families showed up for the festivities. "This is something that never ceases to amaze us," said Paul Savramis. It's especially meaningful to me personally as I see the boys that played on our team coming back as adults at these events and having sons of their own playing. Paul Savramis thinks that there are few other things more meaningful as an athletic director than seeing the positive outcome of youth sports into adulthood. 
Also another annual event in October that Paul Savramis is especially proud to talk about is the Rising Stars Middle School Showcase event. 
Savramis discussed this year's event, which was held at Long Island Lutheran, with a special sense of pride. Said Paul Savramis, “This event was the brainchild of Dan Gimpel and one of our senior coaches James McCullough.” The event allows Rising Stars to introduce our 7th and 8th grade teams to the more than 20 private and Catholic High Schools Rising Stars works with in offering educational services and support programs. 
This program works so well and on so many levels, Paul Savramis continues. We are able to follow up on the introductions made from the event with open house dates and personal interviews. This is an excellent opportunity for student-athletes to see what type of education may await them in the coming years. Having an opportunity to enroll in a private school can also help the students better focus for college and beyond. 
“October is the real beginning of the New Year for us,” concluded Paul Savramis. “Everything is getting started again and, for us, it's time to plan for how well that start will take us.” Judging from everything that has happened so far in October, Paul Savramis thinks that should go a long way. Paul Savramis is excited to see the end of 2022 and the budding new year of 2023. He is so proud of his team, his current student-athletes, and Rising Stars alumni.
Paul Savramis