Friday, July 7, 2017

Paul Savramis | Rising Stars Shine Bright

Basketball means much more than just fun and games to Rising Stars student athletes. For many, it is a means of  “Rising” above and having an opportunity to channel their energy into a productive and positive experience. Here, Rising Stars founder and former Executive Director Paul Savramis sheds light on one of the ways the organization works as a team to help foster the growth of some of its brightest stars.

Q: In previous interviews you have stressed how much Rising Stars student-athletes do, both on and off the court. What does Rising Stars try to do for its seniors after years of playing for your teams and doing community service?

Paul Savramis: Every year we look at our teams and begin to prepare them all for the college application process and help to guide them along the way. Rising Stars measures their success by how many of its seniors go on to college.That measure does not necessarily mean they go on to play college basketball. It does mean they are ready for college issue-free and prepared for what lies ahead. Rising Stars' mission is to see improvement on the horrific stats nation wide that measure that same goal. I am proud to say to date we are over 90% vs national averages of under 50%.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Paul Savramis Praises his choice of Passing Rising Stars Leadership Torch To Dan Gimpel

In 2017, Rising Stars celebrated its 20th anniversary. Foremost among the festivities was a “coming of age party” to celebrate Rising Stars Executive Director Dan Gimpel’s assuming the organization's day to day leadership duties. Here, Rising Stars founder and President Paul Savramis opens up about his pride at seeing his former student take over the reins.

Q: How long has Dan Gimpel been a part of the Rising Stars’ family?

Paul Savramis: Dan has been a part of the Rising Stars family at just about every level beginning as a student athlete and playing on our national teams. He has worked with us in his current role of Executive Director for the last 10 years. Ten years prior to that, he was Rising Stars' director of outreach and basketball development. I’ve seen him grow over the past decade and develop into a experienced leader and mentor for the countless boys and girls he has helped throughout the years.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rising Stars Founder Paul Savramis talks about the organization's most recent partnership with the Greater South Bay YMCA

Paul Savramis
Paul Savramis, founder of Rising Stars Youth Foundation, recently announced his organization had formed an alliance and partnership with the Greater South Bay YMCA to benefit at risk and underserved youth. The collaboration between the two brings a wealth of resources for the area’s most vulnerable residents. Here, Savramis offers a few details in the following Q&A.

Q: What ages does the new Greater South Bay area outreach program serve?

Paul Savramis: Like our existing Rising Stars Academic + initiatives, this is geared toward 6th graders getting into and throughout high school. The boys and girls of Brentwood, Bay Shore, and the surrounding Greater South Bay areas will have access to Rising Stars’ teams as well as yearly basketball camps and clinics.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Paul Savramis: Rising Stars Alumni Don’t Forget Where They Come From

Paul Savramis
Rising Stars is a national youth foundation that utilizes basketball to promote education. Each young man and woman who has played on a Rising Stars team is a personal testament to the strength and dedication of the coaches and the integrity of this program, asserts Paul Savramis, founder of Rising Stars Inc.

According to Paul Savramis, many of Rising Stars’ former players have gone on to play basketball or other sports at the college level.

Jay Williams was a product of the Rising Stars youth foundation since 5th grade. Williams, considered one of the most prolific college basketball players in history, and who later went on to play for the Chicago Bulls, credits the program for helping him stay on course.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Paul Savramis and Rising Stars Serve Alongside “Meals from the Heart”

One of the greatest challenges in our world today is hunger. While many enjoy the satisfaction of good food, millions of families in America and around the world do not get enough to eat. This problem is tragic but fixable. According to Rising Stars founder and President  Paul Savramis, a good start to ending hunger is to get involved and create awareness locally.

Paul Savramis considers it a privilege to serve alongside Meals from the Heart to meet the needs of those less fortunate. Recently, Paul Savramis and 30 boys and girls from Rising Stars made it a top priority to participate at a meal packing event to feed the hungry.

What started out as a small community effort in 2009, says Paul Savramis, has now become an expanded event, getting everyone at Rising Stars involved at some level or another. The goal of this annual event is to pack 300,000 food packets in order to feed 500 children every day for a year. The food packets consist of rice, soy, pinto beans, dried vegetables, and vitamin and seasoning mix. These meals are nutritionally balanced to prevent malnutrition. The volunteers are responsible for packing the meals which are sent to local food pantries and global organizations. The group packed 310,044 meals in 2013.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rising Stars Founder Paul Savramis Previews Outreach Initiative Program

Q: What is the Rising Stars Outreach Initiative Program?

Paul Savramis: The pilot program for the Outreach Initiative Program includes 15 boys who are being provided academic support while playing on the basketball team. In 2015, the program is slated to add a mentoring program so these students will have the opportunity to meet leaders in the business and education fields. Eventually, the goal of the Outreach Initiative Program is to stretch across New York City and beyond. The Community Relations Team of Bank of America recently attended an open house for our program at the Long Island City YMCA.

Q: Who provides organizational support?

Paul Savramis: Althea Bowman-Williams, Rising Stars Educational Director and Acting President is leading this endeavor along with the approval and support of LIC YMCA Executive Director Ebony Young. Parent liaisons for the program are Willis and Alsina Perry both licensed teachers in NY.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Paul Savramis Envisions Record-Setting Year for Rising Stars in 2014

Q: How does the Rising Stars organization encourage youth both academically and athletically?

Paul Savramis: The mission of Rising Stars is to reinforce values and promote education. By utilizing teamwork as a way to teach important life skills, Rising Stars offers athletic and academic support to a community’s young people. Working alongside the LIC YMCA, Rising Stars has helped improve the academic standing of children while teaching them how to make sound decisions.

Q: Why is Rising Stars such a necessary entity in today’s society?

Paul Savramis: Rising Stars is a dedicated group of people with a true desire to maximize the potential of all youthful participants. At this time, New York City is dead last in terms of graduation rates among underserved youth. The support from the local community has allowed children involved with Rising Stars to improve their graduation rates by 70 percent.