Monday, April 22, 2024

Paul Savramis | Rising Stars Works With Dementia Centers

Paul Savramis
Rising Stars and its founder, Paul Savramis, proudly continue to support the Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia center. Rising Stars has been a proud sponsor of the Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia center for the past decade. This cause is dear to the heart of founder Paul Savramis, and he wants more people to get behind it. 
"Alzheimer's and dementia should be something we are all very much concerned with," begins Paul Savramis. "I personally have gotten more involved as a result of a direct connection with Gordon Thomas," continued Savramis. 
Savramis explained that his connection began when Gordon introduced him to the Bayshore YMCA and other community programs that helped to build Rising Stars' outreach and grassroots presence in the Great South Bay areas of Long Island. It was then that Paul Savramis learned about Gordon's passion for creating awareness for Alzheimer's and that he and Thomas shared a common vehicle that could help with that awareness. 
That vehicle for Thomas was the Alzheimer's All-Star Classic and the annual Slam Dunk and 3-point contest. The second event is coming this May, and Savramis was first in line to offer his and Rising Stars' continued support. 

"Gordon is tireless in his efforts to get the word out about Alzheimer's," says Paul Savramis. "He just never quits, and we as an organization can never quit in helping that effort." 
Paul Savramis
For the All-Star game, Savramis always sends Rising Stars players and gets his younger Stars to play exhibition games at halftime. “Everyone always has a great time, and we always add another group to the growing list of those families that are not aware of what Alzheimer's and dementia are.” 
Paul Savramis personally learned about both during an immersion event that replicated having the disease and has never forgotten that. "If one person can be added to the list of dedicated people trying to make a difference in how we see Alzheimer's and dementia every time we do an event, it's worth it." 
Thanks to Thomas and his continued crusade, Savramis can rest easy knowing that the number of people making a difference is growing.