Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Rising Star Material: Carter Wilson and a Family Legacy

Paul Savramis
Carter Wilson
Paul Savramis, founder of Rising Stars, knew Carter Wilson was special from the moment he saw him play. Two things struck him: Carter's talent and his natural point guard instincts. Years later, those early impressions proved true. Carter, named Suffolk Player of the Year in 2024, has led his Rising Stars teams to numerous victories. 
"Carter has always been a special player and person, both on and off the court," said Paul Savramis. "Even as a 4th grader, he wasn't your typical point guard. He was bigger and stronger, playing all over the court. But he had that point guard vision and court sense, something truly rare at that age." 
Paul Savramis
Carter Wilson and Coach Jamaal Wilson
The Wilson family history with Rising Stars is equally unique. Carter's father, Jamaal Wilson, was a prominent figure in the Long Island basketball scene. Paul Savramis remembers Jamaal's strong desire to be part of Rising Stars. Eight years later, adding Jamaal as a coach became one of Savramis' proudest achievements. 
"Jamaal has done wonders for Rising Stars," said a thrilled Paul Savramis. "Of course, his son Carter brought attention to the program. But Carter and Jamaal also attracted other standout players who wanted to play with him. This has built one of the best teams in New York State." 

Beyond Carter, Jamaal brought outstanding coaches and trainers to Rising Stars. These included A.J. Price, a UConn standout and NBA veteran who played with LeBron James, along with Nick Carter and Prentice Small, two of Long Island's finest and former European professionals. This influx of talent created a buzz at Rising Stars, especially with the opening of their new Athletic Complex in Freeport. 
"I've always believed in offering exceptional talent with exceptional opportunities," explained Paul Savramis. "This has been the cornerstone of how I present our programs, and how I presented it to Jamaal when we first met." 
Paul Savramis
Kingsley Rogers
With his junior season complete, Carter will soon choose from several Division 1 offers. Both Jamaal and Savramis are incredibly proud. Savramis emphasizes that the opportunity he presented all those years ago has lived up to his promises. 
Jamaal's commitment extends beyond coaching. He has made Rising Stars his extended family, bringing his sister, Baylor All-American and Olympic standout Danielle Wilson, into the program. Paul Savramis admires the entire Wilson family. He points out that Danielle's son, H.S. freshman Kingsley Rogers, will be the next star for both the Wilsons and Rising Stars. 
"Kingsley keeps growing like a weed!" exclaimed Paul Savramis. Similar to Carter, Kingsley is a versatile guard. With his cousin Carter pushing him and coaches Price and Small demanding excellence, the next Wilson at Rising Stars is poised for greatness."