Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Paul Savramis On RSYF Learning Pods, “We Need To Stimulate Our Kids.”

Paul Savramis
Rising Stars Youth Foundation has always been innovative in the way it supplements its student-athletes’ lives. According to founder Paul Savramis, when the pandemic hit, the staff sprung into action. Starting in mid-September, RSYF launched six pandemic learning pods. With 75 students, these remote educational portals have a lot to offer. 
Paul Savramis says that there are six pandemic learning pods spread throughout the area. He explains that these are just one way that Rising Stars has been able to bridge families and community schools to athletics so that all three can work together for the betterment of the student-athletes. 
The pods, which cater to students from grades four through nine, are just one way that Paul Savramis says his organization continues to care for its families. The pods have now become a welcome and expected part of the lives of many RS families, and they are helping to continue reinforcing the positive lessons learned both on and off the court. 
Importantly for Paul Savramis, these pods open up an opportunity for students from different backgrounds to come together once again. Rising Stars has always been about the power of teams building character and understanding of each other’s values. This is more important now than ever as we continue to live in an uncertain world. The pods represent so much more than just an opportunity to learn. 
Originally conceived by wealthy families in the area, these pandemic learning pods have been emulated by organizations across the country. Rising Stars Youth Foundation felt that launching half a dozen of these throughout the area would help further close the social class opportunity gap often experienced by underserved youth. For the fall, social justice curriculum has been made available for students in all grades. As students have become empowered by this information, Paul Savramis hopes they can use the knowledge they learned today to initiate and perpetuate change moving forward.