Monday, November 16, 2020

Paul Savramis Congratulates Scholar Athletes

Paul Savramis
Carlos Urena, Ninth grade, of Corona, attends Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School.

Rising Stars Youth Foundation founder Paul Savramis recently announced that his organization had awarded six scholarships to student athletes. These six academically and athletically talented students were given scholarships to attend high school at prestigious academies throughout New York City. 
According to Paul Savramis, Darren Marchong, Carlos Urena, Dennis Inga, Tyler Michel, Jonathan Medley, and Hayden Cutile will attend Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School, St. Francis Preparatory High School, and Archbishop Molloy High School. 

Paul Savramis and RSYF Executive Director Dan Gimpel believe that these students are the best of the best. They are strong athletes but even stronger scholars. Rising Stars Youth Foundation has always put academics first, and believes that the combination of sports and education creates a powerful foundation for children to grow upon. 
Each year, Rising Stars Youth Foundation diligently scours applications for scholarships. This financial assistance is provided entirely by generous benefactors, many of which are Rising Stars Youth Foundation alumni. The schools the students are given scholarships to are not only top-notch in academics, but are known to have exceptional basketball programs. These two factors combined give the students a unique opportunity to pursue college scholarships for either. 
Paul Savramis is pleased to announce that throughout his organization's history that scholar students overwhelmingly maintain honor roll status. Even students who struggled in school prior to entering the Rising Stars Youth Foundation program tend to thrive once basketball has been introduced to their lives. 
Each student has expressed their gratitude and pledge to remain diligent in their studies and athletics while attending high school. Paul Savramis continues to put his faith in the youth of today and looks forward to what this year’s student athlete scholars will accomplish in their lifetimes.