Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Paul Savramis On Forestdale Partnership

Paul Savramis

According to Paul Savramis, few things are as gratifying as being able to serve those children and families that have historically gone underserved. His foundation, Rising Stars Youth Foundation, has been doing that for more than 30 years. Recently, RSYF teamed up with Forestdale to do even more good within their local community.

Paul Savramis says that Forestdale works to assist foster children. He explains that their model is set up much like that of Rising Stars Youth Foundation and that they believe it takes a village to raise a child. Forestdale, like RSYF, works to help combat everything from bullying to promiscuity. Recently, Paul Savramis was contacted by representatives from Forestdale to see how basketball could play a part in the healing process for the children it supports.

Strong Minds And Bodies

Paul Savramis explains that Forestdale does more than just work with foster children. They seek to provide a bit of comfort to kids and families that have experienced trauma. They offer attachment and biobehavioral services to infants and toddlers in the welfare system. These are young children who have already manifested behavioral problems brought on by neglect and abuse.

Forestdale also offers trauma systems therapy to young people in the foster system. According to Paul Savramis, this is offered through a partnership with NYU Child Study Center.

Rising Stars Youth Foundation and Paul Savramis will work closely with Forestdale representatives to integrate basketball programs into the organization’s offering. By utilizing Rising Stars’ values of Play. Learn. Grow., mentors from each foundation will better be able to serve those children who need a helping hand the most.