Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Paul Savramis: While Much Has Changed, Many Things Never Do

The 2010s were exciting for Rising Stars Youth Foundation, says founder Paul Savramis. Not only did his organization undergo a name change to better reflect its mission, but also grew into a huge family. But that doesn’t mean there weren't any bumps along the road. Here, Savramis remembers a few of the most prolific events that shaped the past decade.

Q: What was the most challenging part of the 2010s?

Paul Savramis: The loss of two of our original founding fathers, Tyrone Green and Tunney Maher. Each of these men was there with me right from the beginning, and we continue to honor their time and service today. I know they are looking down on us with a great big smile on their faces.

Q: What are some programs you would like to see return?

Paul Savramis: Definitely our out-of-country camps. During the 2010s, we sent teams to Switzerland and Israel. These are still talked about by our alumni, who also happen to be some of our greatest advocates, coaches, and fathers of new team members. We can’t wait to get back to traveling so that today’s players can experience the same excitement as those who got to travel the world before them.

Q: RSYF has evolved over the years. Can you tell us a little about that?

Paul Savramis: In 2010, we only had a handful of boys in our basketball program. Today, we have more than four dozen teams and offer scholarships to students in 36 schools. We’ve also expanded, and now have eight outreach teams. Another major change that has come with growth is our participation with many community organizations, such as the Ronald McDonald House, One Sandwich At A Time, and Beautiful Me.

According to Paul Savramis, despite all of the trials, tribulations, and changes, Rising Stars Youth Foundation has remained true to its dedication to the youth of today and the future of tomorrow.