Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Paul Savramis | The World Has Changed and So Has RSYF

Paul Savramis
The world has changed. The arrival of the Covid-19 virus has made everyone take pause and rethink the way we live, says Paul Savramis. But that does not mean that we can stop doing what we do, especially when RSYF has such an important mission.

According to Paul Savramis, all sports activities in New York have been indefinitely canceled. And with schools and gymnasiums closed, young learners don’t have access to training and tutoring. However, Rising Stars Youth Foundation is working diligently to ensure that student scholars have resources to keep their minds and bodies active and engaged.

Paul Savramis explains that Rising Stars Youth Foundation has five outreach tutoring groups. These programs are being offered via a virtual classroom, and students participate on a volunteer basis. This is important because it provides many students with a sense of normalcy, something sadly lacking these last weeks. Classes are offered through RingCentral.

Junior and senior students now have access to SAT prep tutoring through A-List Tutoring, says Paul Savramis. This is being provided thanks to a grant from Signature Bank. upcoming college students and their families will also be given links to financial aid workshops as well as webinars and virtual college campus visits.

In other recent news, Paul Savramis says that the Rising Stars Youth Foundation senior class, although sadly robbed of graduation festivities, are gearing up to begin college preparations. Malachi Phillips had his own bright spot recently, and received acceptance letters from both Dartmouth and Cornell University.

Paul Savramis understands that these are trying times, and many of our student athletes are left wondering about the future of their basketball careers. He assures that Rising Stars Youth Foundation will not falter, and says that we will weather this together.