Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Paul Savramis Envisions Record-Setting Year for Rising Stars in 2014

Q: How does the Rising Stars organization encourage youth both academically and athletically?

Paul Savramis: The mission of Rising Stars is to reinforce values and promote education. By utilizing teamwork as a way to teach important life skills, Rising Stars offers athletic and academic support to a community’s young people. Working alongside the LIC YMCA, Rising Stars has helped improve the academic standing of children while teaching them how to make sound decisions.

Q: Why is Rising Stars such a necessary entity in today’s society?

Paul Savramis: Rising Stars is a dedicated group of people with a true desire to maximize the potential of all youthful participants. At this time, New York City is dead last in terms of graduation rates among underserved youth. The support from the local community has allowed children involved with Rising Stars to improve their graduation rates by 70 percent.

Q: What partnerships has Rising Stars established throughout its history?

Paul Savramis: Rising Stars is proud to partner with communities, schools and families to develop stronger relationships that will serve as a pathway towards greater understanding and respect.  Providing opportunities for private education, as well as study halls and tutoring, can give underserved children the best chances for success. Maintaining contact with these fine young people through coaching and mentoring projects over the course of the year allows Rising Stars leaders to make a deeper impact. Lastly, developing a number of strategic collaborations drives the everyday efforts of Rising Stars and keeps our mission intact.

Q: How do Rising Stars leaders evaluate the academic achievements of student participants?

Paul Savramis: Mentors and coaches engage with students and monitor their classroom progress on a weekly basis. Plus, educational scholarships have been made available to at-risk youth and those in need of financial assistance.

Q: What are the most prominent results of these collaborations?

Paul Savramis: Ninety percent of youth involved in Rising Stars have graduated from high school. These high achievers eventually return to the organization as volunteers, coaches and mentors. Keeping the circle unbroken means that Rising Stars has created a deep sense of fellowship and community.