Monday, September 11, 2023

Fall 2023 Brings So Much More Than Usual For Rising Stars

Rising Stars Founder Paul Savramis kicks off his foundation's fall and winter outlook with much more than the usual news! 
We have always done a Fall and Winter preview on what Rising Stars Founder Paul Savramis sees as new for Rising Stars, but this year seemed filled with greater anticipation. We recently sat down with Savramis, who told us of the things to come and left us excited for the future of Rising Stars Youth Foundation. 

Q: You seem exceptionally excited about this year's return to school events. What is so different? 
Paul Savramis: To start, I have to give some credit to our staff for putting our 13th Annual Golf Outing together again this fall. Kudos to Tom Hughes, who was instrumental in putting the first one together and improving on each year after year. I wanted to include that flier in this preview. 
Q: We did a story on the outing last year. What else is coming this fall that you have every fall? 
Paul Savramis: Fall means community and families getting back together for special events. For us, we always look forward to the Long Island Alzheimer's Annual All-Star Classic, where our teams play at halftime of the Nassau vs. Suffolk game. 

Q: Yes, we have covered them and the 3-point and Slam Dunk contest before. Is there anything different going on with that this year? 
Paul Savramis: Absolutely! This year, our teams will play against a Tribal All-Star team of players from the Shinnecock Nation. That will be an incredible opportunity to experience a different culture through sharing a common interest. The kids will also participate in the Alzheimer's Empathy Event, where they virtually experience what it's like to have Alzheimer's. It's a life-changing experience for all involved. 
Q: We think you're saving something for the end of this preview different from what we cover every fall. 
Paul Savramis: Yes, and it's been something Rising Stars has worked towards for the past 27 years. 
Q: Please, do tell! 
Paul Savramis: I am beyond elated to announce that we will finally be opening the doors to our new home in Freeport. The move will take place this November. 
Q: That is exciting. What does having that for Rising Stars mean for you? 
Paul Savramis: The biggest thing is having control of what, how, and where we can now accomplish our mission. Rising Stars continues to promote education by offering opportunities for kids to PLAY, LEARN, and GROW, but that has become increasingly difficult because of an ever-changing landscape. We can now obviously PLAY by hosting our own events and having not just games but training and conditioning under our own roof. We can LEARN in our own classrooms, and finally, the most important component, GROW, will occur organically through community organizations hosting events and having our families participate. 
It's been a long time coming, and this fall signals a new beginning for all the loyal and wonderful staff that have worked tirelessly to achieve this amazing goal.