Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Paul Savramis Proud To Announce Rising Stars’ Continuing Support of The Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation Basketball Events and Events Founder Gordon Thomas

Paul Savramis

May 19th saw the 13th Annual Alzheimer's Allstars 3-point Shootout and Dunk contest presented by Founder Gordon Thomas to raise funds for the Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation and to create awareness of the disease, and Rising Stars’ Paul Savramis was proud to be there. 
Said Paul Savramis, “This event, and any other that Gordon Thomas puts together, is one that I will never miss. Gordon is amazing in his dedication and how much time, energy, and personal resources he puts into everything he does.” 
Paul Savramis has seen firsthand what these events do to create awareness for Alzheimer's. He has participated in an Alzheimer's Sensitivity Day where volunteers are shown what it's like to have and to live with Alzheimer's, and he has seen the effect that day had on the Rising Stars families that attended. 
Explained Paul Savramis, Gordon began these events to honor the memory of his father, Detective John Edward Thomas Sr., who passed away from Alzheimer's. Since the beginning, these events have done incredibly well in both creating awareness of the disease and building a fund for those who cannot afford care. 
The May 19th event was special for Paul Savramis as he was able to assist with location arrangements and help with getting Rising Stars' younger teams and coaches to volunteer. 

Paul Savramis

Added Paul Savramis, “Gordon's events are always high energy, fun for everyone, and do what they are designed for, which is to let people know why they are there: to beat Alzheimer's.” This night did all that and in a big way. The event also ended with a bang for both Savramis and Rising Stars. 
Paul Savramis

The Slam Dunk champion was Rising Stars team member Dylan Kopp from Long Island Lutheran. The 3-point shooting champion was Matthew Garside from Kings Park HS, also a former Rising Stars player. 
Paul Savramis

Matt was the defending champion and did not disappoint the crowd. Paul Savramis also was elated to hear that he would be attending Union College next year. Explained Savramis, “Matt will be playing for a former Rising Stars player that I coached in high school, Chris Murphy.” 
Paul Savramis

“Positive energy, family, and history were what the evening was all about,” said Savramis. “Everything went as well as it could, and everyone went home knowing what Alzheimer's meant for Gordon and what it meant to those that have it.” 
“The best way for anyone to get a message like that,” concluded Savramis, “is to craft it in a way where people are paying attention and want to hear what you have to say. Gordon does that with every event he puts together, and he did that again tonight.”