Monday, March 20, 2023

Rising Stars Founder Paul Savramis shares this month's Rising Stars Youth Foundation Newsletter

Paul Savramis

Savramis shares the best with exclamation points and an emphasis on areas that are very special to him. 
When asked why this newsletter stood out as being special, founder Paul Savramis said, "Our monthly newsletters report on regular program highlights for the foundation, including tournament results and community events. We also like to include any college commitments made by our scholar athletes, especially from boys and girls that have been a part of the program since 3rd grade. But this month's newsletter was very special for me, " continued Paul Savramis. 

This month's newsletter showed how much family and returning alumni mean to Rising Stars as well as a unique balance that goes beyond basketball and puts a spotlight on how Rising Stars tries to help any child that comes into the programs, regardless of what sports they play. 
Paul Savramis went on to explain how that included a highlighted event arranged for Liam Gregory. Liam is a basketball and baseball standout in high school and plays both sports. Still, baseball took the front seat last month when Rising Stars’ director Tom Hopke arranged a private session with legendary pitcher Doc Gooden. 
In addition to being a Rising Stars director, Hopke also has ties with major league baseball and runs the Tigers, a youth organization similar to Rising Stars but with baseball at its core. Said Hopke, "Paul Savramis and I talk about the importance of reaching more kids with our academic and community support programs. Using a combination of sports, like basketball, baseball, and lacrosse, allows us to do that. When Paul suggested I get Doc to work with Liam, I thought it was a great idea.” Paul Savramis added that “Tom made an incredible day possible, and we all benefitted.” 
Other features that made this month's newsletter stand out include two Rising Stars college success stories: Andre Kirton got a football scholarship to attend the University of New Haven and Kasi Samuda, a standout at Long Island's Holy Trinity High School, will be headed to the University of Chicago in the fall. 

Paul Savramis

“It's been a great month for us at Rising Stars,” Paul Savramis concluded. “Our kids, coaches, and directors make our newsletters come alive, and they write themselves with their accomplishments. I am proud to share each of their stories and look to the success they will all most certainly have in the years ahead.”